LAZ – A Person of Interest
Track-by-Track Review
Stew – Friday April 17,2015

LAZ is an extremely talented artist with a bright future ahead of him. His project
‘A Person of Interest’ is a testament of where he’s come from and where he’s destined to go. The album easily deserves regional attention at least and Thirty86 has called on one of our industy analysts to disect the album and provide an in-depth review of it. Check out the full review and stream the album below!
Laz comes out with a flow similar to a hunger that reminds me of Lil Herb – forceful, hungry and something that intrigues my interest of what else the album has in store. Backed by its grimy production,  this is a tone-setting display of flow and lyrical ability that fits perfectly as the first thing you hear on this project.
Let It Ride
Really jazzy, laid back record that you listen to on a Saturday afternoon. The flow
perfectly complements this idea. The visuals are heavy but I would have loved for
this track to be longer but has nothing to do with how easy this song is to listen to.
I Know This Is HipHop
The 90s golden era feels are heavy on this one. It reminds me of how the
summertime in NYC feels. If there was well known artist to be featured on this,
it would be Joey BadA$$. The flow matches the same vibe as well. Up until this
point, every track has sounded different which shows versatility.
Fame or Recognition
A track on perspective.  Explores the complex of people desiring fame and
recognition, but yet in the end neither is of the utmost important. It’s about being
true to yourself, a common theme throughout the remainder of the album. The
melodies in the third verse are nice.

Live On
An “anthem” track that is one of the highlights of the anthem. A motivating track bringing notice to your legacy and what it will mean to others. “I aint suffer for nothing/ the rain fell but heaven was above it/ So it trust it” futher promotes having faith in your destiny

Ignite it
This has one of the better flows on the album. The production is tailor-made for it. And the multi-syllable rhyme scheme is used throughout the mellow record.

A nicely executed sample of Lana Del Ray’s “Young & Beautiful”. Very spacey and mystical production. Another motivational track with emphasis on what’s important to a young man with his future ahead of him


Obviously one for the queens. This has “single” potential for the reason mentioned before as well as the familiar theme of disconnections in relationships. The accompanying vocals had more potential than given but still gets the job done.

Turn It Around
May be my favorite on the album. How does this not remind you of Purple Haze-era Klla Cam and Dipset? The flow and storytelling are strong on this and simply reflects on trying to do your best every year. Sometimes we just have to pray for another one if we didn’t quite get it right.

Life Advice
This sums up the motivational theme explored throughout most of the album up to this point. The “subtitle of the album”. Not a standout track but necessary lyrically.

The Journey Home
Here is the album’s second cross-genre sample this time using Evanescence’s ‘My Immortal’. A brave choice for a sample, it forces the listener to think about how important it is to be yourself.

Neva Gonna Quit
Executed nicely as an outro track. Self explanatory on the idea of once again believing in yourself to the point that you know you’re never going to quit. Literally. The sample voices throughout further support this idea and adds to its replay value.

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