Rabbit RashadGuns & Roses
Track-by-Track Review
Scoop – Friday May 15,2015

2 Sides to a Coin
Coming in behind an attention-grabbing spoken word over calming production to set the tone, Rabbit starts off in normal intro fashion. Nothing extravagant given here but segues into the next track nicely.

Siren Song
The production carries this track throughout with its multiple breakdowns between crash cymbals and of course, sirens. One of those songs that sounds like you just walked into club on the weekend.

Throw It Back
This one sounds like something that would have come out of Cash Money’s camp in the
early-2000s. The bells in the background make it hard not to bob your head to it. The flow
works effortlessly on this as well.
Flirting With Disaster
So far, the album is 4 of 4 on production. Cool breakdowns in the middle of the song to go
along with an easy flow. This one gets stuck in your head easily.

More laid back than the first few tracks, the African drum bring in this one nicely. The chorus is a little off key on this one but can be fixed easily.

Good Girls & Bad Boys
I like the flow. I like the beats (which thus far seems like they won’t ever disappoint). But once again the chorus needs the same work as the last track.

Whenever I see “Twisted” I think of Keith Sweat’s hit. This one takes a different approach. If you’ve ever listened to a  Twista album, it sounds like a track that belongs on there. I would’ve like to see a little more done with the chorus.

Sound like a “second” intro, or a break in the action. Possibly signifying a change of pace for the next few tracks? Same feeling as the intro overall.

Fly Above It
Nice opening referencing the Wright Brothers, appropriately. Real laid-back track. Emphasizes feeling good about where you’re at in life.
Dirty Money
Featuring Diddy? Not this time. But the boom-bap opening is impossible to not vibe to. Correctly titled, this one is about the money and C.R.E.A.M.

Prison Without Bars
The title references what life is for a lot of people. Living without clear direction feels like being caged for too many people. The piano-heavy production suits the mood expressed.

The theme is something anyone could relate to. We all desire a feeling to get away. Once again, the chorus is the weak spot in the song as the flow throughout the verses remains consistent.

S H A D (She Had Another Dude)
The chorus needs to be scrapped on this one. One of the weaker tracks on the album.

Rock Bottom
Chorus is somewhat better on this one. Nice east coast-like beat on this one. A Joey BadA$$ feature would fit on this one.

Love & War
As the last track, the chorus is all over the place once again. For most of the album, the choruses were the weak point. Making changes to the choruses specifically would add tremendous value to the playback desire of the entire project. But Rabbit himself has a solid foundation to build upon.





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