The cast of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta has been fired after recently filming their reunion episode. (Must be an epic reunion right???) Sources say the entire cast was given their pink slips last week and the show is currently searching for a new crew.

It’s also said that VH1 does NOT plan on creating any “spin off” shows with the existing cast members. It’s really over.

But for all you LAHH fans, the series will GO ON. Production for Love & Hip Hop’s OTHER franchises, New York and Hollywood, are still going strong. And Love & Hip Hop is looking to add new cities to its portfolio.

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  1. Keshia

    It’s about time…. how many times can Stevie play Joseline and Mimi.. and how many times can Rasheeda not be highlighted… its time for change.. How about it become Love and REAL Hip hop.. showcasing folks that dont have it made but are up&coming??? SMH.. Listen to your viewers Mona


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