Unfortunately, George Zimmerman makes headlines again and has people fired up as he tells in an interview that Trayvon’s mother was never there for him and he was treated like “a dog without a leash”. He ultimately blames the parents for the  outcome of the tragic incident that took Trayvon’s life. whole incident and reveals his mentality on auctioning off the gun that took the life of 17 year old Trayvon Martin.

Zimmerman reveals it took him several weeks of praying to come to the conclusion of whether or not he should auction off the gun he killed young Trayvon with or pass it down as a family heirloom. He details his mindset of why the initial incident occured, blaming it on Trayvon Martin’s parents:

“They didn’t raise their son right. He attacked a complete stranger and attempted to kill him. Sybrina Fulton and Tracy Martin did everything they could to capitalize on her son’s death. She was never a mother figure to him. Tracy Martin couldn’t have cared less about their son. He treated him like a dog without a leash.”

He went on to say of course he is sorry, but in the end he blames the parents for Trayvon’s upbringing and now George’s future:

“Sure, I’m sorry for any parent that has lost a child. That being said, I also believe it’s their duty to have an internal dialogue to see what they should have done better and what they should have done appropriately. If I have to live my life and if I have to go about my business as a normal person, then I would do that. However, I’m not afforded that luxury anymore. You guys. The media. The masses. The Fulton-Martin family. They took that from me.”

What are your thoughts?

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