Meet this young entrepreneur!! Christie Smith is 23 years old, hailing from the peanut capital of the world; Sylvester, GA. We spotlighted this young, ambitious spirit last year and she recently celebrated her 1 year anniversary of her business! When asked why she started her business, she responds “For so long, I could never find me purpose. I search for my passion, I knew that I had a love for shoes that I couldn’t really explain, I always had people to asked about my shoes and where I got them from so I researched how I could start my own shoe line and I was presented the opportunity to design my very first tennis shoe and from that day forward I knew I wanted my own business and the rest is history. Now today, I have the pleasure of expressing my love for shoes through my business.”

She now hosts a variety of products at her online store ranging from shoes, clothing, handbags, cell phone cases, and glasses. Check out some of her products above and visit the site today!

Happy anniversary Christie!



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