Kendrick Lamar makes yet another bold statement, not in his music nor his performance but this time, by action. It was recently announced that George Zimmerman was auctioning the weapon he killed Trayvon Martin with, and Kendrick took action.

George Zimmerman announced on last week that he was auctioning the weapon he used when killing Trayvon Martin. Not only were people angry, but they also was forced to relive the murder of late Trayvon. But Kendrik’s actions may have eased those concerned individuals a bit. Kendrick reportedly purchased the gun with the help of his publicist and was able to destroy it on stage for everyone to see. He said:

“It was just the socially conscious thing to do.”

He went on to say how he couldn’t take the chance of having someone else purchase the gun and put someone else life at risk. He also said:

“Trayvon is the only death by the gun we know about. I’m sure George has more skeletons in the closet in his room at his mama’s house.”

He smashed the gun on stage and said he felt like he “freed every black soul that was taken by it.” The bold and positive act will definitely be acknowledged and celebrated by those from all cultures that are against injustice and racism.

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