Chicago rapper Vic Mensa is making headlines not only because he’s signed to one of the greatest, Jay-z, and is currently opening on the 4:44 tour, but also because he’s criticizing rapper Future. Vic Mensa released his debut album “The Autobiography” earlier this year which was received very well.

In a recent interview with Billboard magazine Mensa dished on his career, music and stuff like drugs in Hip Hop. When asked about Lil Peeps death Mensa seemed to have a shift stating, “I have a lot of personal experience bouncing around between psychiatrists and therapists and being fed pills, while at the same time being told that if I don’t stop doing drugs I’m gonna ruin my life,”

When asked about Future Vic said “I’ve rapped about Xanax”. He states that it’s irresponsible to use drugs as a marketing tactic in Hip Hop, citing fellow rapper Future as a culprit, “You got Future talking about “I just rap about drugs because I know that’s what sells, that’s what people want to hear.” While people are overdosing left and right…It’s pretty f***ed,” he states.

How do you feel about Vic’s  remarks??

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