The Usher “Let it Burn” (no pun intended) saga continues. Documents were previously leaked reporting Usher paid over $1.1 Million to a victim back in 2012 who he gave Herpes. That woman has now sued him for $20 Million and then came Quintasia Sharpton who came out this week with her Lawyer Lisa Bloom also accusing Usher.

According to, Usher may have never had the Herpes disease. When a check image was leaked from 2012 for a payment to a woman it was said to be payment for Medical expenses for getting the Herpes test done. Usher’s team is saying the $2,754 check was acutally cut from Usher’s firm for Babysitting expenses that year.

Despite what seems to be new allegations arising every day, Usher’s wife Grace Raymond remains by the singer’s side. The website noted that the singer is “quietly building a defamation case against everyone involved—including lawyers and accusers.”




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