Meet Americol, a young artist who started writing poetry/spoken word at the age of 13. At the time he had no plans on recording the material. The main inspiration to pursue becoming an artist came from legendary hiphop artists such as Tupac and Nas.

One year into his writing he decided to record his first demo song entitled ”Reppin Our House”, with his childhood friend ”Deezy”. This led to the interest from local concert promoters and Americol began to get booked for concert performances.

By 2010 Americol released the song ”Fly Honey” on Youtube. The unplugged acoustic music video created a major buzz which led to the interest of newspapers and commercial radio play.

To keep the momentum, Americol started collaborating with other artists and known music producers, some of which he knew since he was a child such as Martin Rene and John Alexis, both great producers.

In 2012 Americol got the attention from the music industry and the producers of the TV-show X-Factor Sweden contacted him, asking him to be one of the rap artist contestant of the show. He accepted even though he thought it was a gamble.

After X-factor Americol decided to do an independent release of the EP ”On My Way”(2012), later releasing a music video to the song ”Roll It Up”, which got an international buzz thru channels such as Worldstarhiphop.

During this time Americol was blessed with a child. The new role of being a father made him take step back from the music and put all his time and focus on to his child. During this time Americol didn’t record any music or have any performances.

In December of 2014 Americol released his single ”Domingo Karmen” thru the label 100Songs, creating a big buzz around the nation. Unfortunately at this time some old personal problems caught up with Americol, which led to him being incarcerated.

Americol is now able to move on with his life and released the new EP entitled ”Way Ahead” in late November 2015.The EP give us a glimpse of Americol growing and maturing as a person as well as an artist.
The EP “Way Ahead” has also reached over 500.000 plays on Spotify since its release and this with no label support.
On the 25th of April Americol released the single “Whatever U Like” feat. Karma Befometz.
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Americol also released a video for his song “Won’t Stop” from the EP “Way Ahead” :  “
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