Indie artist Aye-T PoseidonQ shared his “The Worst” Freestyle with the Thirty86 staff and his flow and delivery is one that the ladies will definitely enjoy! We had a chance to interview this rising star born in Philly and raised in east Atlanta and he shared some interesting things about his background, upbringing, and his place in this industry. Check it out below!

1. First introduce yourself and tell us about where you’re from and how the underground scene is there for an indie artist!

Um Aye-T PoseidonQ. Other known as the SelfieGõd. I was born in southwest Philadelphia and raised in east Atlanta Georgia. However um a descendant Bahamian all thanks to my great grandfather who Jah bless is still here with me. Ive been musically active I would have to say since I was the age of 15. From Philly to Georgia the indie industry is raw and cut throat. Im from the city of the number one spittas in the world, Philadelphia. And I was raised in the city of the original og trap sounds and trends in the world, East Atlanta. Nothings easy here people!

2. What has been most rewarding for you since pursuing your music career
The most thing rewarding for me since pursuing this music career would be the live energy responses given back from the folks in the crowd. To see them in positive vibes with one another around them smiling, leaning and rocking with you and to your music. It’s something that can’t be just handed over easily. I love to here my youngest son walk around the house humming and mumbling after me trying to piece together the lyrics. The kid is hilarious. Im going to have to put him in a video to actually show you all how he is!
3. How would you describe your style and sound as an artist?
I would describe my style and sound as the element of water. Healthy, soothing, lively, pure, raw and deadly. Everything must flow. Its the law. For Atlantis sake um Poseidon. If you could actually form the energy out of my lyrics when spoken, it would probably form some foreign guy dreaded on a surf board, haha!
4. Tell us about your latest single. What’s the concept behind the songs? Who’s the producer
 The Worst was a remix to the songs original artist Jhene Aiko. I redid the song because someone referred me to check out a few of her songs, Preferably the worst. The very first moment I heard her first few words with the instrument I could here me killing it too. The concept behind my version to the song is pretty much a woman that is very fond of me and as well I her, seem they cannot be together because of non physical reasons. As if one is far gone past the other in current situation they are in and or just life in general. The whole song isn’t about me though. i get pretty deep in that jawn though you just have to check it out.
5. What can listeners expect from your upcoming mixtape’? Tell us about some of the tracks you’re excited about.
The Rise of Poseidon is my very first mixtape. Thats why its so special. Um on a few mixtapes floating around out there. My famo King Midas the Rapper has me on projects we’ve done. But this one here is all about Sg. (Selfiegõd) All about me so I have to give you all of Poseidon. Its gonna be a crazy blend. Heavy up north sounds and heavy down south vibes. Its gone be litty.
6. Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years musically?
In the next 5 years I’m going to be on stages with over a couple thousand people in dat thang. Touching that music money. Probably see me real heavy with the Gucciclone. I rock with 1017 heavy so you never know what the future holds. We’ll see though. This gonna be something to remember folks.
7. Is there anything else you’d like your fans and our readers to know
I just want you all to know that to error is human. You can only blame people to a certain extent. Never go beyond words of reason unless felt threatened by others. As long as you can make it home at night to your loved ones and your own then we all are blessed. That goes for every single one of us. Take care of yourself and help someone else. But mind ya own damn business. And you know when times specifically I mean by that folks! Hold ya head up and hold ish down when you in town an out of town. Its the Selfiegõd baby. Beloved Poseidon.
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