Meet OTG aka GI Outhagate! The name  comes from a nickname (Eugene, Gov.Name) was called growing up which is “Gino” GI is short for “Gino” and the term “Outhagate” which he spells as one word , refers to the term “Off the Chain” in its similarity. OTG and his family, a New Orleans, LA native, found themselves relocating to Jonesboro, GA after losing their home to Hurricane Katrina. While in Georgia OTG became apart of a Rap group with his two brothers called BloodFAM, Blood standing for Brothers,Loyalty,Order,Obedience, and Discipline. It is that time in his life where he discovered his true passion for creating music and entertaining. Presently, OTG is a solo artist making a name for himself locally networking with radio Dj’s , having his songs spun in local clubs, strip clubs, and has been featured on 3 different Mixtapes and has just recently released his first official mixtape entitled “ OTG VOL.1 “ and local stores in the New Orleans area. The Mixtapes featured on include : Coast2Coast#NextUp Vol.314 , Dj YoungCee’s IndyVs.Industry Vol.16, and Coast2Coast Hottest in The State Mixtape : Louisiana edition. OTG currently is working to push his Single as a song he created produced by longtime friend of family Wade aka Wadrunna called “ Pay Up” OTG uses slick, intriguing lyrics such as

“ Shut up and get your weight up, Im out the gate might be your daddy Darth Vader,”


From topics downgrading the government , police brutality , stories of actual events he experienced, club type , commercial type, and even little “Chiraq” type banger entitled “Money” , “OTG” as an artist is definitely going places. When asked how does he feel about the competitive side of the rap game today he answered arrogantly with his own lyrics from his song entitled “ Go Get It “, stating

“When the game on the line, I’m the only option. Kill em at the buzzer, with everybody watching.”

*Below are links to each profile social and music OTG has online . The direct link to his first official mixtape “ OTG VOL.1 “ is also in links below. Please follow his social sites to keep up with his daily moves!

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