Meet William AkA The Misfit Of Life. Growing up as a child music was life, singing in the church choir all the way up to the age of 19. At 19 he began writing music (HipHop & R&B) to actually better himself and to use that as an outlet for his life. The name The MisFit Of Life or MisFit was actually given by people of the church. Because he was so different he always stood out. And if God really gives him a chance to stand out in the Spot light.. He gives him nothing but praise! Hear Misfits music below!

The Up Coming Of A MisFit – SoundCloud
Listen to The Up Coming Of A MisFit by The MisFit Of Life #np on #SoundCloud

The Life Of A MisFit Vol. 1 – SoundCloud
Listen to The Life Of A MisFit Vol. 1 by The MisFit Of Life #np on #SoundCloud

Instagram:  Twitter: @Themisfitoflife

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  1. kiera

    Omg I’m a fan I love get em up wit da dab and I love your partner kickz get it in is my ring tone omg shout out

  2. melisa

    Omg kickz is amazing when will he out out his own album drop I looked him up jeffrey jordan is one of the top up coming artist in Florida his song get it in is a hit all fans post your commits about these two artist below he is truly a lyrical genuis


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