Born and raised in Ottawa, Ontario. Aids has lived in multiple places in Ontario over 16 years. He was introduced to rapping in 2015 from his producer/friend who goes as Archie Golden and together dropped a EP called “5 Piece” on SoundCloud at the end of summer 2015 with songs reaching over 2.5k plays even being independent and unheard of.
Aids has a funky, unique sound and hard flow, with a different style and catchy unforgettable lines. He gets it from the streets, divorced parents, dad in the military, a hard life and thought himself what he knows Aids is only getting better with every new song!
This year in 2016 he has come off the bad quality 20$ eBay home mic and now affords studio time sessions. He recently just dropped a new song “Real Shit” prod. Archie Golden and shows what he can do with that great quality.
Creating a buzz for his name and catching the eyes of people in the industry.
Aids is releasing another song called “Running To The Money” soon and is in the process of writing more songs with speculations of a mixtape this year or next year.
Social Media Accounts : Instagram / aidenspencer11
Twitter / AidenSpencer11 Snapchat / aidenspencer11

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