Mike TBH is a songwriter/artist from Pittsburgh, Pa. Mike has been writing songs and free styling behind the scene for years. In 2015 he introduced his first long overdue single “Float”. Mike TBH considers his style to be “Revolutionary Rap” as he often brings real life situations into his music to bring about change. “There is a lot going on in today’s society, … keeping real life situations in hip-hop is essential to the future of the culture and our youth”. The newly released single “2016” speaks on and against police violence against the black community. Mike TBH is set to release his first mixtape “Momentum” on Soundcloud in the summer of 2016. Check out the exclusive interview with Mike below!

1. First introduce yourself and tell us about where you’re from and how the underground scene is there for an indie artist!

My name is Mike TBH and I’m from the eastside of Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh is a rough city, in certain areas you have to be extremely aware of your environment. When it comes to the underground scene for an indie artist, I personally believe it has transformed a lot over the years due to technology advancements. With Facebook, twitter, sound cloud, YouTube and other social media it’s easier for indie artist like myself to be heard by a larger audience. There are a lot of good indie artists in Pittsburgh and recently there has been a lot of good underground music coming out.

2. What has been most rewarding for you since pursuing your music career?

Since pursuing my music career the most rewarding experience is the whole process of creating the music and watching the outcome. Creating music is a way to relieve stress for me, almost like therapy. After the music is created the final product is inspiration for me in everyday life. Being able to reach other people is also a very rewarding experience.
3. How would you describe your style and sound as an artist?

My style as an artist is versatile. Freestyle is where it started and overtime that ability developed into Lyrical Rap and the ability to change my style. My sound as an artist is complimented by my beat selection. Coming up with actual real life concepts is essential to my sound. I want you to feel the authenticity in my songs.
4. Tell us about your new single ‘2016’. Who’s the producer and how did the song come about?

“2016” is basically a wakeup call for people to see what’s going on in today’s society with police brutality and the brainwashing done by mainstream media. I found the beat on Datpiff.com by Reazy Renegade. Once we heard the beat all the pieces came together. Me and DJ both wrote our verse and found some news clips. After we laid our verses we had our engineer Ron add the news clips and master the track.
5. What can listeners expect from your upcoming project Momentum?

“Momentum” is going to a series of mixtapes. With this first installment I want to inspire a positive message that will encourage and motivate. I’m going to have fun with it but the bottom line is this mixtape will start the Momentum series with powerful music with a purpose.
6. Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years musically?

In the next 5 years my goal is to generate revenue from my musical ability. I am interested in going on tour, songwriting, and negotiating a major label contract.
7. Is there anything else you’d like your fans and our readers to know?

I want to thank everybody at Thirty86.com for this opportunity. Momentum the mixtape will be out at the end of the summer on Sound cloud at miketbh84. Contact me on Facebook at Mike TBH, Twitter @tbh_mike or email me at michaeltbhnorfleet.com.







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