Born May 8 1992 , Andre Formey , rap artist known by the stage name Ace originally from Queens , NY , grew up dancing and writing poetry in his early years. As he got older , he started writing lyrics in his spare time and also had a love for drawing.

Now the love for music has never faded , but he decided to start reading and planning ways to venture off into building other platforms away from entertainment. The passion just simply could not stay away. Recording off and on again since 2015 , trying find a solid studio home started causing more obstacles until he learned about BoomBox Recordings. After months of more preparation, added song/video inventory , and of course money, Ace has finally completed his first two solo projects “TooHot2Hide” & “GRACEtheEp” both soon to be released before the end of this year.

Now with his following and music plays haven’t reaching its fullest potential, Ace ensures with the release of his projects will give everybody a chance to show not only what he can do for music but potentially for the world. Through it all , he plans on continuing to invest in himself and will one day be listed among the greatest that made a difference.


Instagram @MugganiAce
Twitter @Road2_theThrone

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