With only two songs released Shay-D Kid has hit the rap scene in style having accumulated some pretty impressive accolades. His debut single ‘Twisted’ garnered over 9K plays out of the gate on Soundcloud with only a few follower’s at the time and no other music on his page. Now with over 600 followers his new release ‘Just Rap’ has gone on to hit over 10.5K plays in just a few weeks with hundreds of likes, reposts and amazing comments!!!
After his debut release ‘Twisted’ he was selected by former co-President of Atlantic Records Ron Shapiro and added to his artist roster for Major Label promo via ‘Pin Up Promotions’ A&R, was selected to Youngmoney Unsign Hype Vol. 14 and with both songs was given the feature spot on Grind Nation’s Unsigned Hype Vol. 6 mixtape.
Additionally ‘Twisted’ & ‘Just Rap’ have also been selected for possible opportunities with other A&R’s, music executives & Major Labels such as G-Unit, Def Jam, Atlantic, Virgin, EMI, Warner, Shady Records, Strange Music, UMG, Bad Boy Records and Future Star Music.
Lastly, he’s also received many blog, website & magazine write-ups, reached #1 on Reverbnation Hip Hop Charts locally, broke into the Top 20 for Canada, was recently selected through the Music Clout platform for a feature with Niji Magazine and selected for radio play with a indie music station from Buenos Aires who has a broadcasting office in Miami.
Hear his new single ‘Just Rap’ below:

 We were able to catch up with Shay-D Kid and get him to introduce himself and fill us in on all his current endeavors! check out the interview below!

1. First introduce yourself and tell us about where you’re from and how the underground scene is there for an indie artist!
Name is Shay-D Kid out of ‘Sauga City (Mississauga, Ontario, Canada).
Recently released my second single called ‘Just Rap’… and added a music video for my debut single ‘Twisted’ both of which are produced by Syndrome.
Prior to the launch I was an unknown artist with very little on-line presence which all changed November 24, 2015 when ‘Twisted’ hit Soundcloud.
Overwhelmed by the emails, phone calls, retweet notifications & incredible DM comments the song quickly garnered attention from Hip Hop blogs, websites, radio apps not to mention hitting #1 on the Reverbnation Hip Hop Charts locally a few times which also allowed me to break into the Top 20 Nationally.
‘Pin Up Promotions’ (owned by former co-President of Atlantic Records Ron Shapiro) added me to his roster of artists to promote and shortly after was also selected and forwarded to other A&R’s, music exec’s and major labels including G-Unit, DefJam, Atlantic, Virgin, EMI, Warner, Shady Records & Strange Music.
The shear snowball effect of the debut was incredible as I was also put on Youngmoney Unsign Hype Vol.14. – so I guess you can say my introduction into Hip Hop was fast!
Since then my latest release ‘Just Rap’ has gone on to be selected and forwarded to DefJam, Bad Boy Records & Future Star Music, was given the cover feature spot on Grind Nation Unsigned Hype Vol. 6 and selected through the Music Clout platform for a feature with Niji Magazine and to receive radio play with an indie music station out of Buenos Aires with a broadcasting office out of Miami.
I’m only 17… these are my first two singles and I’m incredibly excited and ready to keep on pumping out more music!
While I gain an understanding of the game locally comparatively to some major US cities it’s relatively small, although we do have some pretty crazy ass producers especially if you branch out to neighbouring cities like Toronto (which most of the suburb guys will say they’re from anyway) – as the Hip Hop scene is thriving & definitely trending considering Drake’s success and now with the presence of OVO!
2. What has been most rewarding for you since pursuing your music career?
Hands down its been the ability to express myself!
The feeling I get when I put my headphones on, listen to a beat chosen for a specific song certainly becomes an adrenaline rush & I get anxious to put my pen to paper.
It’s surreal… almost as though I leap from one world to another when laying down bars, coming up with rhymes and then connecting them together.
It’s also incredibly rewarding to receive inspirational messages from people and to hear the positive affect the songs have had on them.
3. How would you describe your style and sound as an artist?
I’m not your typical Hip Hop artist you’d perhaps classify as today’s mainstream… I have a different delivery, vibe & sound. The song concepts, arrangements and hooks are unique to me and when you listen to my music you will definitely feel the lyrics – as I portray passion through my rapping.
I think the great thing about my rap is that it supplies a well needed demand for something new so hopefully I’ll be able to pave a lane for listeners that want something a little different!
I believe one of the best attributes or character traits anyone can have in the entertainment industry is their ability to be different; which is best described in a interview years ago with Riggs Morales in January 2005 with Hit Quarters when he was the A&R for Shady Records “Everyone has the same story, I’m from the street, shit is real, bla-di-bla, bla-di-bla, but nobody has a unique perspective”… well I’m that unique perspective!
I don’t come from the streets, so what, I can’t write or spit Hip Hop and the genre has to be stereotyped and isolated to ‘certain people’?
You don’t have to live in the streets to have problems and struggles! Just because someone lives in a slightly better or worse neighbourhood or has more money than the next guy doesn’t downplay or represent the level of one’s dilemmas or make it any less painful.
Morales is correct when he says “That hardship breeds talent” but I don’t think you always have to go into the ‘worst’ neighbourhoods in the world to find it.
Hip Hop is evolving and has branched out to the masses… shit I even went to the Monster tour in Detroit two summers ago with my 45 year old father (at the time – who shall I say was not a fan of Hip Hop at first but that’s a story for another day) and right in front of us at the concert were business men in their suits jamming to Eminem & Rihanna!
Sorry genres them self within music don’t set boundaries or have the ability to discriminate… I love Hip Hop, I love writing and I’m going to keep doing my thing.
4. Tell us about your latest single ‘Just Rap’ and your recent video for ‘Twisted’. What’s the concept behind the songs? Who’s the producer? 
Both ‘Just Rap’ and ‘Twisted’ are produced by Syndrome here in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). He’s a Canadian boy trying to make it in the Hip Hop scene – and he thinks it’s great to be working with me and I feel the same way; while the video was filmed & edited by a good friend Malek.
The concept behind ‘Just Rap’ eludes to the pointless  ‘beefs’ surrounding Hip Hop today and the appearance it’s about making enemies and no longer about making music, words and lyrics. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with appreciating another artists work.
The concept behind ‘Twisted’ is about releasing an alter ego that comes from a place of suppression that exists within all of us. As I said earlier everyone has problems, life issues and struggles so I’m fortunate enough to have this platform to express myself. Not many people have this outlet source and unfortunately sometimes revert to things such as drugs and alcohol or maybe worse as their escape.
5. What can listeners expect from your upcoming album ‘Debut’? Tell us about some of the tracks you’re excited about.
Listeners can except to see complete diversity through the entire album (entitled ‘Debut’ – coming soon) from the harsh sounds of ‘Twisted’ to songs we can label as ‘The softer-side of Shay-D Kid’. Within the lyrics you will find a wide variety of content from true expression, exaggeration, seriousness, gratitude, controversy and even sometimes comedy but in the end all things relative to my life and conveyed with passion.
Honestly, I’m excited about every song on the album as each one has its own originality and place in my heart but if I had to put some into the spotlight they’d include ‘Only If’, ‘Just Rap’, ‘Amazing’, ‘Friends ‘Til Death’, ‘Step It Up a Bit’ and ‘Stronger’.  I haven’t yet recorded ‘Who I Am’ but feel after it’s completed it will be on that list too.
6. Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years musically?
Let me first say I’m stoked to have released my first two singles and I’m grateful for my early adopting fans and the positive reception they’ve granted me.
The comments flooding my social media has been crazy!
As well I never expected to receive so many messages to do collab’s with guys who have been in the game for some time and more experienced & established than myself – so it’s been quite an honour.
Right now I’m literally enjoying the moment as I embrace my first steps into the music industry and honestly haven’t given any thought to 5 years from now.
Although, I do certainly look forward to the journey!
For now I’m going to keep on writing, recording and releasing music and it will be my love and passion that will dictate where I’ll be in 5 years and hopefully that won’t be recording in a closet anymore!
7. Is there anything else you’d like your fans and our readers to know?
The reality is I know some people won’t like my music and that’s just the nature of life. I certainly don’t expect a person who doesn’t respect or enjoy this genre to like my material nor would I ever impose it on them – as it would take a open-minded individual to appreciate the lyricism in our craft to understand what we do.
I also want people to know at times there may be lyrics within my music that might come across somewhat controversial but it doesn’t necessarily dictate who I am, how I feel or my actual views… and it may be times like these that those lyrics might just be to stimulate controversy and or express an artistic exaggeration.
Simply, I love everyone no matter their race, religion, gender or sexual preference and at the end of the day every person is special no matter where they come from and they shouldn’t be afraid of who they are.
MANAGER: Mike James (Music Chamber’s)
PHONE(647) 404-4546
SHAY-D KID EMAILdc@shay-dkid.com

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