Joe Budden has fired off a solid disss towards Meek Mill and Drake in his new single ‘Making A Murderer (Part 1)’. If the beef seems unlikely, one will have to know the history which dates back to 2009, when Drake was a guest on Joe’s web series “Joe Budden TV.” On the show, Drizzy talks about wanting to stay away from beef. The reads on YouTube “if u couldn’t tell by now, i support this dude whole heartedly…. as it turns out, he doesn’t plan on dissing any1 anytime soon…” Fast forward seven years and Drizzy has clashed with Common, Kendrick Lamar, Meek Mill… and, recently, Budden himself to name a few.

Things began heating up on May 4, when Budden gave an honest critique of VIEWS on his “I’ll Name This Podcast Later” podcast, saying Drake sounded “real fuckin’ uninspired.” A week later, French Montana shared a clip of a new Drake collaboration. The 10-second video didn’t reveal much of Drake’s verse, except for a telltale intro: “Pump, pump, pump it up”–a likely allusion to Budden’s smash hit.

French Montana got him the Drake stimulus package. Oh and drake might. Keyword might. Be ending Joe Budden career

From this, Joe hit the studio for four days in preparation as there’s no telling what a “genius” like Drake could do next. Budden next found shade in Drake’s “4PM in Calabasas” saying it was his “verbiage” that calls him out and not any line in particular. From there, Joe said it was go time!

The new song (produced by AraabMuzik) is very clearly aimed at Drake, but Budden doesn’t want beef. “If it were really a matter of importance,” he says, “him and I could jump on the phone.” Instead, Budden wants to reignite the “uninspired” MC, and bring back real hip-hop, as he sees it. “I come from a hip-hop where if you didn’t have something to say, then, nigga, what the fuck were you rapping for,” Budden says. In fact, he’d welcome Drake’s response, so long as it comes in a verse.

In addition to Drake, “Making a Murderer” targets Meek Mill and alludes to past conflict with Jay Z. It’s part of a larger plan to bring back competitive hip-hop:

My plan isn’t about Meek; it ain’t about Drake, but I wanna rap. I’m at a point in my life where I wanna rap. Time is measured by the second and I come from competitive hip-hop. That’s the MC I am. That’s the MC I always will be. The MC in me is not about to recondition to today’s world. I gotta be who I am at all times. I wanna rap.


“I just want this to be a moment in hip-hop because it is” Budden says. “Me, as an MC, I’m my own worse critic. I’ve listened to that song [“Making a Murderer (Part 1)”] a million times and it’s chilling. It’s chilling when you just understand it. It’s a clear message, line in the sand, to all MCs. I’m not playing no more.”

Check it out above!


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