The first single off of GOOD Music’s upcoming compilations album has arrived in a triumphant fashion as Kanye West calls upon Quavo, Travis Scott, Desiigner, Gucci Mane, Big Sean, 2 Chainz, and Yo Gotti for “Champions”!Early this morning, Kanye tweeted alerting fans that Cruel Winter‘s first single would premiere live on Big Boy Radio Show. After a bit of a delay and no song title or features revealed, Big Boy got into the record, which turned out to be a massive one. Kanye still hasn’t confirmed the proper title, but as Big Boy said on-air, it’s got to be either “Champions” or “Round & Round” (we got our basis covered with both). Kanye told Big Boy of the record, “I had the basic beat for a year and a half. It sounded right for this project.” It’s definitely got big production, with triumphant synths, hard-hitting bass and moments of static, while Travis provides a hyped-up hook.

Check out the epic record above and drop us a line on what you think!

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