Birdman is still the ultimate hustler! He’s determined to capitalize on his  “Breakfast Club”  moment that set the internet on fire! The Cash Money general and Rich Gang boss delivers the music video to his single “Respek”.

Backed by his New Orleans entourage, Birdman explains why he might pull up on someone when it’s war time. Wearing his Respek clothing, he also delves into why it might be “really bad for your health” to disrespect the money-making mogul.

Birman has his newest solo album, Ms. Gladys, slated to drop June 24 and his Rich Gang 2: The Lifestyle compilation is due July 1. Plus, he’s got a joint mixtape with Jacquees slated to land soon!

In the interim, put some “Respek” on his name by watching the video above!

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