After 20 years in the National Football League Brett Favre  finally can take his place in the Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio. During his 20 year Brett Favre won 3 MVP awards, 11 time probowler, A superbowl in 1997 against Drew Bledsoe and the England Patriots 35-21. He is currently second in passing touchdowns and passing yards only to Peyton Manning.

During his 36 minutes speech Bret thanks his whole family for be very supportive throughout his 20 year career. He also, talks about how he tried to redeem himself through his career to help make his father proud of his achievements.  Brett had a message for all you fathers out their to take to heart  “Never discount the importance of being a father in statements that you make, whether you think your kids hear. You are very important to your children and the listen is,we come and  go very quickly. So, love them each and everyday”

Favre would go on to thank University of  Southern Mississippi for giving his only scholarship and for giving him a chance to compete. In addition, he pays homage to Ron Wolf  and the most single free agent acquisition in the late great Reggie White. Finally, he thanked Mike Holmgren and the rest of the Packers’ coaching staff for pushing him and challenging him to be the best he could be during his career.

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