Coach Tony Dungy is the first African American head coach to win a superbowl, as he led the Indianapolis Colts, along with Peyton Manning and couple to victory over  Lovie smith and the Chicago Bears. Tony is the 10th member of the PittsburghSteelers team that won Super Bowl XIII.

Tony former defensive coordinater and current  Dallas Cowboys’ defensive coordinator  Rod Marinelli calls him the “Ultimate Teacher” and I believe alot of his former players like, Peyton Manning, Edgerrin  Jamesand follow 2016  Hall of Famer Marvin Harrison would agree with that statment.

Tony Dungy pays homage to all the African American assistant coaches that didn’t have the opportunity to reach the head coaching level. He also, pays his respects to the late Chuck Noll and Dennis Green and thank them for playing a hugh role in his life. He would also credit them for impacting career as a head coach. Finally, he thanked his family for supporting and appreciated their sacrifice during his coaching career.

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